Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Art Journals

Oh My Art - Journals is not only a blog about my work but will be a blog about your artwork too so if you would like me to showcase your work please contact me and I will share all your wonderful talents.
Here are jut a few of the journals I have made over the years.

In 2009 while I was living in Cape Town and feeling emotionally drained and in desparate need of healing from PTS I found Mary Anne Moss on the internet and absolutely loved her journals REMAINS OF THE DAY and I so I jumped in the deep end and made my very own. You can find her on line class here. These are just some of the pages in mine. I call this my Trash Stash journal.
Here is also a great example of page by page ROTD journal.

What distinguishes the difference between journals and art journals? Well, journals are pretty much any book that one could use as a journal to document what ever takes your fancy, daily events, family news, travel, what ever... an Art Journal is often made from scratch and decorating pages to suit either the content or express artistically who you are.

I have been journalin all my life in one way or another and I will share some of my journals here just to give newbies some idea's. I have separated EEZY PEEZY from OH MY ART journals because the way I journal chops and changes all the time and I don't want to confuse Eezy Peezy with anything else because it is a product that I sell. But all my other techniques will be here on this blog.

I hope you will follow me and share your own blog, your own techniques and leave comments.
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  1. Your Remains of the Day journal is fabulous. I have a couple of them too and I really should make another one. I enjoyed it so much. Love your lettering too.

  2. Fabulous journal Caryl! Looking forward to everything you will show on your blog. :)